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Hasan K. Rezakhani

From a young age, I have always been interested in science fiction movies and TV shows of any kind. I am always fascinated by the ideas about the future of science that they presented on the screen. The Matrix trilogy, for example, is one of my favorite movies of all time and I have watched it over 30 times and have read a lot about it. After the first time I watched The Matrix, I found myself encounter the question of the “What if we could create a full Matrix-level immersion in Virtual Reality?” Now after years of experiencing 3D Computer Graphics and other related fields, I realized that I should devote my research work to it. Obviously, I want to stay in Wonderland, and I learn how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Generally, I think that virtual reality and immersive design are going to affect many aspects of how we act and interact and promise to revolutionize the way we design and communicate. Since Virtual Reality environments are temporary places that we will be there as long as we desire or limited to segments of time, they should simulate the physical features of our world which are suited for life in the Virtual World. Therefore, I think utilizing the realistic features for generating Virtual Reality environments can contribute to this purpose. For these reasons, my Ph.D. proposal is centered around understanding how realistic features of the real-world can improve the quality of Virtual Reality experiences and eventually classify them according to influence level.

In February 2015, I completed my Master’s Degree in Photography at the University of Tehran. My thesis topic was Studying the Role of 3D Computer Simulation in Generating Photorealistic Images. I always have an interest in interdisciplinary research, and that is why I selected this topic. My aim was to bring 3D Computer Graphics into the Photography realm. Currently, I am a lecturer at the University of Applied Science and Technology. I have an extensive work background in the field of 3D and 2D Computer Graphics for over 15 years. Also, I have been working as a technical training instructor for about ten years.

Research Interests

In this part of my life, my areas of interest include theoretical and experimental analysis of the virtual and simulated environments from now on: A focus on the photorealistic virtual reality images to find out how these images alter the concept of reality.

Key Skills

  • Teaching and Research
  • Virtual Reality Content Designing and Developing
  • Photorealistic, NPR and Real-Time Rendering
  • Hard Surface and Environment Modeling
  • 3D Scanning by Photogrammetry
  • Computer Hardware
    • Computer assembling and maintenance
    • Configuring and troubleshooting desktops and workstation
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Modeling, texturing and rendering


VR content designing and developing


Working with photogrammetry and Lidar data



First language, parent tongue


Second and dominant language


Third and foreign language


I also have experience working with Mudbox, Substance 3D Painter, Fusion, Unreal Engine, Premiere, and Photoshop.


2012 – 2015

University of Tehran

Master of Arts (M.A.), Photography

Thesis: “Studying the Role of 3D Computer Simulation in Generating Photorealistic Images”

I achieved the rank of “20” in my major field, among 7963 participants and gained the partial scholarship for M.A. study in the University of Tehran.

2005 – 2010

Soore University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Cinema

Thesis: “Studying the Role of Digital Cinema in Today’s Filmmaking”

2004 – 2005

Kamalolmolk Pre-University Center

Pre-University Studies in Arts

1997 – Present

Math, Computer Science, Computer Programming


2020 – Present

3D Game Artist


Researching references and resources required for the production of assets, Creating organic and hard surface models, Producing high and low poly models, Texturing 3D rigs, UV unwrapping, Rendering, and Problem solving

2015 – Present


University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Courses: Animation in Media, Modern Animation Technologies, Special Effects, Artistic Literacy, 3D Scan, 3D Digital Illustration, 3D Software, Lighting Design and Photography

2010 – 2015

CEO and Founder

Mabioca Cinema and CG School, Tehran, Iran

I was also a Technical Training Instructor. Courses: 3D Fundamentals, Introduction to Rendering, Architectural Rendering, Car Rendering, 3D Car Modeling, 3D Object Modeling, 3D Character Modeling

2008 – 2010

3D Animation Instructor

Kavoshgaran (Animation School), Tehran, Iran

2003 – 2010

3D Artist

Ima Film, Tehran, Iran

Making advertisement videos in the form of animation, Compositing 3d animations on video footages, Designing, making and animating the animation characters for TV programs, Designing and producing multimedia collections

2003 – 2004

3D Artist

Tasvirsazan-e-Asre Jadid, Tehran, Iran

Making educational 3d animated TV show. Part One and Part Two

2003 – 2003

3D Artist

Saba Animation Center, Tehran, Iran

Making the end part of an animated film

2001 – 2003

3D Artist

IRIB (Kish Island Branch), Iran

Animating characters and objects for TV programs, Utilizing 3d software and techniques to create visual elements, Understand the project requirements and develop 3d contents

2001 – 2003

3D Artist

Kelk-e-Khial, Tehran, Iran

Making animations for commercials, Discussing with team members on the needs of the projects

1999 – 2000

3D Artist

IRIB (Mahabad Branch), Iran

Animating characters and objects for TV programs, Utilizing 3d software and techniques to create visual elements, Understand the project requirements and develop 3d contents


Workshops and events

VR Fusion at Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH

December 4, 2016, Tehran, Iran

Location: The University of Tehran, College of Engineering