Store - 3D Model of Korean Totem Pole Jangseung - Closed Front Shot View

Korean Totem Pole

Maya . Mudbox . Substance Painter . Marmoset Toolbag . Photoshop | This model was completed in 2008

I made this 3D model as a modeling project in one of the classes I taught at the Animation School. One of the students brought this wooden statue named Jangseung to the class and suggested that I teach them how to make this statue. At that time, my teaching method for modeling was that I asked the students to suggest any topic they wanted for the modeling project. In this link on the YouTube website, you can see the steps of making it. A Jangseung, striking statues, is a village guardian that placed at the edges of villages in Korea as a totem pole and they usually made of wood. (antiquealive)

Store - 3D Modeling of a Korean Totem Pole - Studio Lighting in Marmoset Toolbag - Close Shot Z

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