Animation School

From December 19, 2006 to September 21, 2010

In early November 2006, a friend of mine offered me an instructing job at a training institution. I had no experience in instructing animation before, as I mostly worked alone in front of a monitor. The job required me to interact with many people, which made me hesitant at first, but I eventually agreed to take it. The institution was called the Animation School and it was affiliated with the Kavoshgaran Open Higher Education Institute, which had a license from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. At the time I was a part-time 3D artist at Ima Film Company and a second-year cinema student. Ima Film was not too far from the institution and I could walk there, but the university was quite distant, so I had limited hours to teach on some weekdays. Despite that, I kept instructing at the Animation School while juggling my work and study. The director of the institution and my good friend Reza Shahsavan was very supportive of me. He was also a student of computer networks and a learner of Cisco Systems, besides managing the institution. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge from the conversations we had before and after the classes. He left Iran in late 2010 and he is still working in the field of computer networks. After that, I started a new phase of my instructing career with the founding of the Mabioca Cinema Private Institute.

In this period, I was privileged to meet many people who joined my classes from Tehran and other Iranian cities. I keep track of their achievements. They impressed me with their intelligence, diligence, and potential to advance in 3D animation.

Here are some samples of the Maya software course ads that I taught at the Animation School. These ads appeared regularly in Pilban Animation, the first monthly magazine of animation in Iran.

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