Ima Film

From May 22, 2003 to September 20, 2010

I initially joined Ima Film for an animation project, but its CEO, Ali Mohammadzadeh, suggested that I stay with them for other projects. I worked with them part-time for about eight years and made various TV programs, animated clips, and teasers. I also coordinated with the editing team, as my work was often merged with the videos. Ima Film had many contacts with public and private companies, and they trusted them with most of their TV commercials. This gave me a lot of experience in TV commercial production. During this time, I felt the need to learn more about directing, filming, and editing, despite my previous work experiences. This motivated me to pursue higher studies in cinema, and I got admitted to Soore University in this field after two years of working at Ima Film. This complemented my work at Ima Film and in animation.

Three years later, I started teaching at the Animation School while working at Ima Film and studying at the university. I wanted to share my experiences with those who were interested.

I continued working with Ima Film until their management team left Iran in late 2010. Besides the work experience, I learned a lot from the interactions I had with the managers, directors, and other people who worked or visited Ima Film. They influenced my way of thinking greatly.

TV programs, animated clips, and animated teasers included: ASP Building, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Tapko, Morvarid, Sanat va Madan, Motojen, Ima Film multimedia DVD presentation, Ima Film website, etc.

Hardware I worked with: Betacam SP Recorder, DVCAM Recorder, Power Mac G4 and G5

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