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The Impact of Photorealistic Simulated Environments on Audience in VR

The scenes that are produced with 3D computer graphics and photorealistic in terms of visual quality have features that separate them completely from non-photorealistic scenes. The photo-like realism in these scenes is in a way that the audience considers them real.

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2-1-2 Cinema and Zuse’s Machine

According to Manovich, if cinematography is defined as the art of writing motions, its nature involves the recording and storage of the visible data in the material form similar to a movie camera. The recorded data is processed in the laboratory through various steps and it is read and displayed on the screen using a projector.

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2-1-4 Baudrillard and Simulation

Jean Baudrillard, the French sociologist, philosopher, photographer, and theorist, defines the difference between imitation and simulation with regard to theories such as simulation and hyper-reality and states that in an imitation a copy of a physical subject is made, whereas in a simulation it is possible to ...

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2-1-5 Virtual World

A virtual world may only exist on the minds of its creators or may be represented via a medium to enable the individuals to share it. The real world certainly influences the virtual world, and although the virtual worlds are fictional spaces, the fine line between the real world and the virtual world is sometimes blurred.