my name is

Hasan Rezakhani

I’m a 3d artist & Virtual reality content Creator

Welcome to My Website!

The topic of the website is about my passion for pursuing the idea of how simulated virtual environments can positively impact our modern life and major upcoming influence of it on the way we live, learn and work. Symptoms of this interest are obvious in my articles and blogs. Also, here is where I share information about my skills, experience, and background.

Featured on my Blog

Rembrandt Lighting in Maya and Arnold Render Engine

In this tutorial, I demonstrate using the Area lights in Maya and Arnold renderer, along with adjustment layers and blending modes in Adobe Photoshop, to set up a Rembrandt lighting on a 3d scanned model. It is one of the most popular types of lighting in studio portrait photography and cinematography and works on different face anatomies. You can get final PSD file here and the 3d model of the bearded old man here for further consideration.

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