Mahabad local TV channel

From December 10, 1998 to November 18, 2000

Shortly before I started working at the local TV channel in Mahabad, I had bought a desktop computer with 64 MB of RAM and a Trident graphics card with a 9850 chipset, and I was eagerly learning 3D Studio Max 2.5. One day at the end of 1998 I met one of the producers of the children’s television series of the local channel, and he asked me to make an animated title sequence for his television program called Mountain Children and I immediately accepted the offer.

After that, I was asked to start working at the channel and to start the 3D animation unit. At that time, they had a traditional two-dimensional animation unit, but the production was slow. To speed up the work, they bought a PVR hardware system to digitize the paper forms or cel animation and increase the speed. When I started working in that unit, 3D animation production was also added. Due to the captivating visuals of 3D animation and the speed of its production, most of the producers and directors of there would order their works from me. I would sometimes stay there until around 10 p.m. to complete the orders. This was a very valuable experience for me. My skill in using 3D Studio Max software tools increased a lot, and I had to solve problems and complexities that were not possible by practicing at home on personal projects. Working with the new PVR device and video and television recording and broadcasting systems were also valuable experiences. During this time, I met experienced people in the field of television production and learned a lot, even though I was not more than 19 years old.

The titles of some of the TV programs, animated clips, and animated teasers I worked on include: Ab (about saving water), Yas Soap, Golbaran, Golhaye Khandan, Rovangah, Isoban Iran, Simaye Varzesh, Soroush, Meher-e-Khoban, Ramazan, Salamati, Salam Bacheha, etc.

Here are the frames from a water-saving advertisement that is approximately one minute long and was created using 3D Studio Max 3.0.

Whenever I had free time, I tried to do a personal project different from routine work. I designed this model of a sports car inspired by the images of several cars. To create this model, I used the spline modeling technique in combination with a surface modifier that was recently added to 3D Studio Max 3.0. In fact, I started building this car to learn this technique.

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