Kish Island local TV channel

From October 23, 2001 to February 10, 2003

At the end of October 2001, the general manager of the local TV channel of Kish Island invited me to start the 3D animation unit there. Although my work position in Kalk-e-Khial was very suitable, I was eager to experience more and work in a different environment like a small island in the Persian Gulf. When I got there, I dedicated myself to elevating the quality of animation production using the available resources. My previous experience in the local channel of Mahabad helped me a lot to get into the program production pipeline faster. Although many of the works I did there were very similar to before, this time I tried to be more connected with the advertising market outside the workplace, such as the work I did for Maryam Hotel, Papillon Jewelry, and Gohar Kish.

After staying on the island for about fifteen months, where I amassed substantial work experience, I realized the need to undertake more challenging projects. Experience showed me that in local and even national TV channels, the level of production does not rise above a certain level, and to gain further experience and elevate my skills, the work environment must be changed.

TV programs, animated clips, and animated teasers included: Maryam Hotel, Kish News, Papillon Jewelry, Gohar Kish, Kish Merchants, Varzeh Jazire, etc.

The following animation is the advertising teaser of Papillon Jewelry that I made in late 2001 using Maya and Digital Fusion software.

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