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Lifelong Learning

I am a person who values continuous learning and constantly tries to upgrade his knowledge and skills, be that in math, computer graphics, coding, and healthy living.

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Information Technology and Services
August 2018 – Present
My profile on Credly

I have completed the criteria associated with earning a few digital credentials from the IBM Digital Badge program. Click below to view my badges.

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Math, Computer Science, Programming
Energy points earned 2,200,000
March 2015 – Present

I have started improving my math and computer programming skills by Khan Academy online courses. Also, I am a member of the Iranian Mathematical Society. Check out my profile page on Khan Academy.

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Computer Science
February 2015 – Present
My profile on Coursera

University of Michigan – Programming for Everybody (Python), Charles Severance.
University of California, Irvine – Grammar and Punctuation, Tamy Chapman

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The Health & Wellness Center
June 2021 – Present

Certificate of Completion in How to Bulletproof your Immune System against invading pathogens.

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Computer Science, Programing, and Graphics
September 2021 – Present

Certificate of Completion in Color for Design and Art, Jim Krause.

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Certificate for Technical and Vocational Training
Date of Issue: October 19, 1997

I had completed the training course in the profession of Computer Operator according to the Standard.