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Virtual Med Trainer

Maya . Unity | Developed for Oculus Quest 2 | This project was finalized in September 2020

The purpose of this Virtual Reality project was to build a virtual surgery room to train laparoscopic surgery residents, medical students, and healthcare professionals. The first beta version of it was developed for Oculus Quest 2 by Ali Taheri and me as a 3d artist.

3d models I manually reduced the amount of detail in Maya.

VMT Model Optimization 1
VMT Model Optimization 2
VMT Model Optimization 2

Retopologized 3D model of a fetus that was created in zBrush, I suppose, to get it better suited to use in Unity.

VMT Model Optimization 4

Some 3d models I made for this project

VMT Model 3
VMT Model 1
VMT Model 2

Check out the links below on YouTube:

I made this scene using the URP in Unity as a virtual surgery room.

Video trailer of this project with Maya and Arnold

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