Beginning, End, and End

Maya . Mudbox . Fusion . Premiere . Photoshop | This animated short film was completed in 2010

I created this short 3D animation as my practical undergraduate project. While film students typically work with video, I focused on animation because I was working in that field then. To challenge myself and improve my animation skills, I handled all aspects of the project, from initial planning and design to texturing, animating, rendering, and editing. You can view the final result at the bottom of this page.

The initial idea was for the pianist to walk from his room to the piano room, but later I came to the conclusion that a mobility device like a wheelchair, which is both a chair and can be moved, is a better idea. After checking the images of different wheelchairs, I designed this one.

Portfolio - 3D Modeling of a Fantasy Wheelchair - Studio Lighting in V-Ray - Back Side

In this animation, the piano has a symbolic feature, which means that at the end of each performance, something happens every time, which has a different meaning for the listeners outside the prison than the piano player.

I designed three locations for this animation: the prison room, the corridor connecting the prison room to the piano room, and the piano room where the animation ends. Screenshots of these three spaces are provided below:

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