Mabioca Cinema and CG School

From October 20, 2010 to June 10, 2015

I started teaching privately after closing the Animation School, but I also had the idea of setting up a training institution. Eventually, I rented a space to run classes with one of my friends from my former university, Ali Taheri. Later, we were joined by Mohammad Younessi, who was Ali’s friend, and we began working at the old location of the Animation School. I have had this website Mabioca since 2005, which I named after some camera brands like Mamiya, Yashica, Minolta, and the initial letter of Maya software. That was the name I gave to the school as well. My specialty was teaching 3D animation techniques, while Ali and Mohammad taught visual effects.

After a while, I decided to apply for the school’s official license. The cinema organization of the country, under the Ministry of Culture, was in charge of granting licenses to film and animation schools, and I was eligible to apply as a cinema graduate. It took about two years from the day I applied until I received the temporary license on December 11, 2013. By then, Ali and I had been teaching for some time in a building in Atarod Alley near Shiroudi Stadium.

We tried our best to improve our skills and services in this field. It was a rewarding experience and I had the privilege of meeting many people.

Even though I was busy with Mabioca, I passed the master’s entrance exam in 2012, and I was also studying photography at the University of Tehran, which took up a lot of my time.

The school’s license had to be renewed every six months, which was not an issue, but after 18 months, we faced some bureaucratic problems that were beyond our control, and we had to stop the school’s operation against our will. Ali left Iran to pursue his PhD, and I concentrated more on teaching at the University of Applied Science and Technology and working as a freelancer on various projects.

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