My first experience with designing a website came in 2006. After purchasing a domain name (mabioca.com), I designed a very simple template in Dreamweaver with two or three pages. After learning basic HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript through self-studying and online courses, I have started to working on some forums and social network website in special topics like Computer Graphics, VFX, Digital Photography, Game Engines and Computer Hardware in which to help our students and others. Mabioca website has been up continuously since 2006.

My duties as a webmaster of the Mabioca website:

- Troubleshooting and checking the website for any error or problems.
- User experience through web analytic reports, and improve usability based on this information.
- SEO, and working to keep it ahead of the competition in search engine results to increase site traffic.
- Keeping the website updated, as required by completing additions and changes.
- Programming and scripting: coding the site; adding new content and features; enhancing navigation through tweaking Javascript, CSS and HTML; creating logos and artwork; installing Plug-ins, Modules, and Components; and backing up the site.

Below are some of the websites I have built or developed over the past ten years:

- Personal Website (This website | Joomla)
- Papoolah Film and Animation Studio (Joomla)
- Mabioca VR (discontinued | Joomla)
- Mabioca Cinema and CG School (discontinued | Joomla)
- Mabioca CG School (older version, discontinued | HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
- Mabioca Social Network (discontinued | by Oxwall open source community software)
- Mabioca Forums (discontinued | by SMF and PhpBB)
- Personal Website (2008 version, discontinued | HTML, CSS)
- Mabioca Download (discontinued | HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
- Saeed Saeedpoor Website (Iranian poet-translator | 2007 | Online | HTML, CSS)
- ASA Building Group (2011 | discontinued | HTML, CSS, Flash)
- Iranian Market (2010 | discontinued | HTML, CSS, Flash)
- Animation School Tehran (2009 | discontinued | HTML, CSS, Flash)
- Ima Film Tehran (2007 | discontinued | HTML, CSS)

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