Short Films

Saye Festival  | November 2008 | Tehran, Iran

O | Best animated short film | Video, short 3D animation: PAL 720x576, 3m 24s, Video Link I won the first award in student competition in the Saye festival.

Experimental  | February 2008 | Tehran, Iran

Water and Color (video art) | Video art: PAL 720x576, 4m 3s, Video Link
My wife and I made this video art by a photography camera, a bowl of water and manipulated acrylic color.

Experimental  | February 2010 | Tehran, Iran

Beginning End and End (short 3d animation) | Video, short 3D animation: PAL 720x576, 7m 22s, Video Link
I made this short 3d animation as a student film at the Soore University.

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