Modeling and Rendering

    I designed this character based on a story I wrote a few years ago. The main character of the story is a strong and smart sentinel, who has a duty to guard the territory of the evil spirit. He does his best to keep the territory under control, but after a while, he falls in love with a succubus.

a close shot of a sentinel 3d character

I have made these 3d models to practice techniques that are effective in making game assets. I was looking for some methods to extend and deepen my understanding of how to properly create game assets in the 3d application and import them to a real-time engine like Unreal Engine. I always enjoy learning new things.

a low poly sword model painted in substance painter

Although industrial modeling seems to be easier than character modeling, I am firmly confident that 3d artists should be proficient with relevant techniques in this area. These techniques will help us understand how to deal with various man-made objects in the physical world. So I think, by vehicle modeling which includes managing different parts to create a whole, we will reach the zenith of proficiency. However, achieving that is still an enormous and difficult task.

a 3d model of Ferrari Enzo - lighting a 3d model of Ferrari Enzo

a 3d model of Lamborghini Gallardo - lighting a 3d model of Lamborghini Gallardo

I worked on these models to experiment with different 3d modeling, texturing, and rendering techniques that 3d artists need to consider when working on commercial projects. Also, it is noticeable that I'm interested in the minutiae of real objects. The kind of stuff we usually don't pay attention to or thinking about even though we see them every day.

photographic image of a Yashica camera computer graphics image of a Yashica camera

This is my favorite fantasy room in the high building for reading and resting with a window to watch the horizon. Scene set in Maya, rendered in V-Ray and Photoshop for compositing and adding post-effects.

a fantasy room - lightinga fantasy room - compete work
progress steps of a fantasy room

This is a 3D Marmoset Viewer version of some of the above models. You can go to full screen mode by clicking on the full screen icon.

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