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How Are Bolts and Nuts Made by Polygon Tools in Maya?

    Over the years, a variety of modeling tools and techniques have been developed to enhance the modeling capability for complex 3D geometry. For instance, software corporations, like Autodesk, have invented a lot of tools and crammed them into their applications that they would assist 3D artists to make models easier and faster. Furthermore, 3D scanning through photogrammetry and laser scanners are now common tools. These techniques can capture the shape of any physical object. Some of the laser scanners are capable of capturing one million laser measurement points per second. However, despite all of these tools, techniques, and innovations, the traditional modeling techniques are still alive and effective, and they are capable to be applied to almost every model.

In these videos, you will see how to model bolts and nuts by traditional modeling techniques in Maya. You’ll learn a few tools you need to know in order to get started with hard surface polygon modeling in Maya. I also cover essential techniques, helping you develop a workflow to model these kinds of objects. As I mentioned in both parts, it’s just a video of my working process and not a step-by-step tutorial so if you're not familiar with some tools and commands, you can simply watch some videos on YouTube to learn how to use them.

At below you can see a few images that were rendered with V-Ray in Maya. With different lighting setup, I have tried to show all the details in the models.

Shown below is a comparison between two images (wireframe and rendered images of the bolt and nut)

I trust that these tips can help you in some way. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it!

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